Hello. My name is Becky, and this webpage is a gift from me (and my husband) to Jon and Sherry, as a tribute to Nico and the four other majestic animals that lost their lives on Christmas Day. This small gift offers a glimpse into the soul of two people that we call "brother and sister", and gives both Jon and Sherry a means to express their thoughts and reveal to you the Hope that they both live and share on a daily basis.

Jon and Sherry are special friends and through their generous hearts, when we were in our greatest need, gave us a place to live on their farm. We love this couple more than words can express.

My husband and I were there with Jon and Sherry on the night of the devastating fire that took the lives of their beloved; to see the strength of their love for one another and their horses was and is an amazing sight to behold. During the past few days, we have witnessed an overwhelming response from people all over the world wanting to give "something and anything" that could be utilized in a way that would bring restoration to the devastating loss.

More than anything, Jon and Sherry would love to hear from you personally. If you would like to contact them and share your thoughts or prayers you may go to their Contact Us page.

In Christ's amazing Love to our friends,
Hal and Becky Rehorn


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