About Hidden Promise Sporthorses


From the beginning our farm has been such a blessing from God, and He gave it to us those six years ago knowing full well how undeserving we were and still are. It has a view of the lake and a spring-fed creek not far from the humble but cozy house we live in, and there are currently eighteen or so horses spread across the fifty-three acres of total land--horses that are so beautiful and majestic that it gives me a great sense of honor to scoop their poop.

My husband is a talented equine veterinarian who taught himself the art of timber-frame carpentry, and he tells me my cooking is wonderful every night. Our nineteen-year-old child, for some bizarre lack of reason, plays the concertina and calls himself an 'Equine Biowaste Relocation Engineer,' and as a result he has no girlfriend.

So, feel free to come and visit ....give us a call in advance and welcome!




All photos copyrighted by Susan McAdoo.
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