Do you ship fresh cooled or frozen semen?
We ship both fresh cooled and frozen semen. Please request. The fees are slightly different due to the expense of freezing the semen.

Friesian stallions are noted for having problems with semen motility. Does Nico's semen ship well?
Yes, we check each collection before departure and continue to check a reserved portion post shipment. His semen ships very well. A stallions motility will drop slightly in the hottest part of the summer which is normal however Nico has continued to successfully breed and ship throughout the entire season.

What percentage of pinto offspring does *Nico throw?
Genetically, the tobiano gene typically reproduces tobiano 50% of the time. *Nico to date has thrown a much higher percent , 60-75% of his offspring to date have been pinto.

Is Nico Homozygous?
*Nico cannot be homozygous since his sire is a purebred solid black Friesian. Both parents must be pinto to produce homozygous. Therefore breeding a pinto mare to *Nico could then produce a homozygous foal. Meaning that every time that homozygous offspring were to be bred, it would produce pinto 100% of the time.

Do the babies get feathers?
*Nico is very fully feathered. Bred back to a Friesian mare the offspring will always have feathers. Breeding to a mare that does not have feathers the offspring may or may not get them.

When should I call for semen?
Hopefully you will be working with a qualified equine veterinarian familiar with reproduction. The vet will be checking for the size and tone of your mares follicles. The vet will want semen timed so that the mare ovulates within preferably 48 hrs of insemination. He/she will advise you as to the best time to call. Notify him that requests must be made 1 day in advance.

What if my mare ovulates on a weekend?
If you ship on a Friday, receive and inseminate 1st dose on Saturday and then 2nd dose on Sunday the timing will be fine. The worst day to ovulate is Monday evening. We ship Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I want to breed to *Nico but mare is small, is that a problem?
God kind of takes care of this problem. It is the mare that determines the size of the foal at the time of birth and then the foal will mature to the size that it is genetically created to be. Pretty awesome design hugh?! Not just a coincidence............:)

Is it ok for my baby to be eating at 1 day old?
Yes- infect *Nico babies are famous to eat real food almost immediately Homozygous appetite :)

I'm planning a visit to the area, but I'm not sure when I'll be near your farm. Can I just drop in?
We love visitors but we prefer that you call and make an appointment. We can usually accommodate visitors, even at the last minute.


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