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Nico X Warmblood:

The Warmblood breed of mares vary greatly in bone, size and body style. Typically crossing warmblood mares with Nico is more of a 'like to like' type breeding. This cross produces a warmblood look with a Friesian flair.........excellent prospect for most any discipline.

The nice desirable free shoulder movement of the warmblood is only enhanced by the added suspension, animation and powerful forward movement of the Friesian breed and Nico.The bone is similar between the two breeds, Nico passes on the majestic presence, smooth round muscling and incredible neck so desired in the Friesian Breed...........not to mention the great possibility of the formal black and white attire, kindness and servant's heart of Nico.




  Registration options:

There are several warmblood registries available in the US. Most of our offspring are registered with AWS.

There are several colored and pinto options as well.

There are also Friesian Sporthorse Registries. Many of ours are or will be at the time of sale registered FSR.