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Nico X Quarter Horse:

This cross has surprised all of us. The Friesian/ Quarter cross was not my first choice when we began our breeding program-yet each one has amazed us. It has become a very consistent combination, producing a versatile fancy horse. This is a fantastic all around prospect. The Quarter Horse mare tends to add beauty and jaw to the Friesian head and each foal seems to take on the very uphill and majestic top line of the Friesian improving the connection of neck to wither.

The powerful Quarter Horse hind end compliments and completes a very balanced looking and moving horse. Nico continually adds presence, suspension, bold forward movement and can compliment your Quarter Horse or paint mare beautifully!






Registration options:

There are several warmblood registries available in the US. Most of our offspring are registered with AWS.

There are several colored and pinto options as well.

There are also Friesian Sporthorse Registries. Many of ours are or will be at the time of sale registered FSR.